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Janneke Staaks jannekestaaks at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 10:05:39 EDT 2006

The girls have been living together now for a week and let's just say that 
things have been interesting. We started off with a very agitated suus and 
guiny. Suus was literally walking around with the hairs in her neck upright. 
Guiny was very busy chattering teefies. We didn't (and still haven't) put 
everyone together in one large cage. The first days guiny and suus had some 
tiffs. And one moment when I walked I Suus was sitting in her cage and she 
gave me this distressed look. She even let me pet her. So I took her and we 
had some elaborate cuddletime (suus normally just wants to play on my lap, 
hide underneath the blankets and play peek-a-boo). I guess she just wanted 
to know that I wasn't going to replace her for the other two piggies (it's 
quite safe to say that they didn't recognize eachother). Because she was 
much sweeter afterwards and accepted guiny as the alpha piggy. Up to that 
point we had been very proud of yaya and lotje since they a such peacefull 
piggies. (btw Lotje just loooves to lie in yaya's favorite cuddlybasket, see 
pictures). But then yaya's hormones acted up. It started with something 
quite innocent and actually very special (at least i think so) Yaya is a 
chirper!! Normally yaya sounds like an electric toothbrush gone bad but on 
tuesday i heard the sweetest sound coming from under the table. Like there 
was a little bird chirping underneath. It was soo cute  . It's like finding 
out that a stuttering child is a very talented singer. But later that 
afternoon she added rumblestrutting to her reportoire and started humping 
everybody else. Since yesterday she is missing a piece of her hair in her 
neck so we guess that auntie guiny set her straight too. I think that 
everything will turn out fine in the end. Taken together I think that they 
find it very interesting that the herd has expanded again and once they 
settle ranks everything should be fine. Introducing jan should get 
interesting too.
Janneke from the winky girls

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