[Gpdd] [Behaviour] Dominant guinea pig

Kirsty Ford kirstyford at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 8 14:28:00 EDT 2006

One of my guinea pigs seems to be a lot more dominant than the other.
They're fine most the time until food is around! When Zig, the less
dominant one is eating Zag will often come and push her out the way so
she can eat or even try and take food from Zigs mouth! Zig is often
left eating any food that has travelled further round the cage if Zag
has taken over the eating area. Both my guinea pigs are female and as
I've never owned guinea pigs before I was just wondering if this is
normal behaviour? Neither pig seems unhappy, Zig just often gives a
little squeak when she gets pushed out of the way. I've watched them
and both seem to be eating enough. I was wondering if there was any
way to stop this happening or whether my guiena pigs will be happy as
they are? They were kept together as a pair in the pet shop I bought
them from so I assume they are more than used to each other.


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