[Gpdd] Misc Gp's at store

Birdie Horn birdlonglegs at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 8 22:56:00 EDT 2006

I went to a pet store the other day
  after finding my Stoller to transform
  to a guinea pig pram. I was suprised
  by what I found and dumbfounded
  by the anwser given by the store 
  I found several guinea pigs housed 
  in housed in cages with wire floors. 
  When I asked to speak with the manager
  about this she said that the local 
  humane society had told them that
  is what they should be on! The piggies
  seemed happy enough but all I could think
  about what one of them tearing off
  part of their claws and finding blood all
  over the cage. Everything I have read 
  has said that this is a difinite nono for cages.
  I meant to call the humane society 
  to find out about this because I haven't
  seen another other pet store use that kind 
  of  cage to house them in. Why would the 
  humane society tell that one store that they
  could not have them in a glass container when
  they are that way all over town. Untill i read 
  the post about the darling pg in the pet store 
  I had forgotten to call. I'm writing myself 
  a note to call in the morning and find out
  what exactly the humane society says 
  about this policy. Even the humane society
  themselves house their gp on a smooth
  surface and glass(or plexiglass cages) So 
  this doesn't make sence to me. I'll keep
  you posted on what happens about this
  situation and thanks for letting me blow
  off some steam about this. I still can't 
  believe that is what the store told me or 
  that the humane society told them. 
  Birdie, slave to Jimmy Jr., Spunky, 
  Miss Perky and Miss Pooky


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