[Gpdd] Misc: This and That

Carla Martinez cmartinez36 at houston.rr.com
Sun Apr 9 14:40:43 EDT 2006

Just saying hello to our piggie pals. Welcome back Dawnda! We missed you!
And congrats to POTD Nemrod. How appropriate for March 17. Cute.

I was reading Birdie's comments about the Humane Society worker that told
the pet store to put the piggies on wire-bottom cages. Wha? That is really
ignorant. Hellllooo, you're a pet store. You have chosen to sell guinea
pigs. Don't you think you are expected to do enough research on the topic
that you would know how to house them without relying on one, only one,
source?? I don't know what the Humane Society's problem was, whether it was
a volunteer, or ignorance or a misunderstanding, but the pet store also
bears responsibility. They are lucky that Birdie came along to talk with
them about that. 

My guinea pig Snowball has made a virtual award for Birdie. It is called the
"Guinea Pig Avenger!" Superhero Award. It comes with a three-wheek salute.
Consider yourself wheeked Birdie!

Thank you to Jaime for posting the link to Oxbow's research funding for the
UC Davis study about guinea pig nutrition. I read it and wrote them an email
to say thanks for helping guinea pigs get the studies they deserve.

Snowball has gotten over his hurt about Cookie flirting with the other pig.
He is celebrating spring and wishes well to all. And a special shout out to
Mary Fran -- no doubt you're at maximum load as tax season nears its close
-- and we want to cheer you on to the finish line. Go! Go! Go!

Snowball got his teeth trimmed yesterday. My husband and I later celebrated
a ceremony validating our marriage at our church. The priest graciously
allowed our dog Fluff to take part in the ceremony. Isn't that nice? It was
a first at our church I believe. Fluff looked so handsome in his tuxedo, I
wish I could post pics for you to see. Snowball preferred not to wear a
tuxedo, but to spend his "discretionary income" on more teeth trims. He took
part in the lunch afterwards though, and his guinea pig smile was truly
dazzling. It was a great day, such beautiful weather, we truly felt blessed
by all.

Best wishes to all the piggies and their people,
Carla, Snickers and Snowball

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