[Gpdd] MISC: Guinea Dominance!

ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 9 19:30:45 EDT 2006

    Hello, everyone! Sorry it's been so long. Life has been incredibly busy lately. 
    But, I did want to take a moment to talk about the subject that Kristy brought up, guinea dominance, mainly because I know a lot about it.
    My girls Blacky and Pooky are constantly battling it out, though I really don't think any of them have won out yet. I shall give an example.
    I bring in a lovely breakfast stacked high in their ever-so-stylish eggplant purple ceramic dish and place it in the eating corner. Blacky is always waiting at the door of the cage when I bring nummies, so I'll pick a choice piece off the top and sneak it to her while Pooky isn't looking. And for all of you who think that such displays might be favoritism, you're mistaken. I reward those who make the effort to get out of the nice warm pigloo to eat breakfast, especially since she does it without coffee. Granted, they can nap whenever they want, but nevertheless.
    Anyway, Pooky will emerge once she sees the green leafies waving at her and of course the first thing she does is looks to see where Blacky is. Blacky is normally at the door of the cage, chewing merrily on her special piece. Well, Pooky's having none of that, so she will kind sneak up on her like a ninja guinea and crane her head around to grab it. Sometimes Blacky sees it coming and she will shove her butt in Pooky's face, which normally ends that. But, occasionally Pooky will get it and Blacky will pout for a minute (have you ever seen a guinea pout?) and then she'll see some other yummy in the dish and go running for it like it never happened...... except with the baby carrots. When Pooky takes a baby carrot from Blacky, she will turn around and yank it right out of her chops! I swear to God! 
    They're so funny!

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