[Gpdd] behaivoir gp dominance

Birdie Horn birdlonglegs at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 9 22:30:24 EDT 2006

  I laugh so hard when you were telling about your girls. 
  My Miss Perky and Miss Pooky are just like yours. Miss 
  Perky is always out first and standing on her hind legs
  (they have an open top cage) begging so she gets the 
  first bite. Then here comes Miss Pooky and tries to steal
  food from her mouth even though I have a peice dangling
  right in front of her. She doesn't even have to reach up and
  she still steals from Miss Perky. Miss Perky is so calm she just looks up at me as if to say Miss Pooky stole from me, how about another. They too get in the occasional tiff but not
  bad. Sometimes if they are having a rough night of it
  I will hold them seprately and tell them to be kind to one another, it last for awhile then it's the same ole thing.
  Birdie slave to the 4 legged furballs, 
  Jimmy Jr., Spunky, Miss Perky and Miss Pooky


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