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joan fagalde momcat1000 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 13:18:27 EDT 2006

Amber, I loved your description of Blacky and Pooky.  It was sooo funny.  I can just imagine the scene.  It did get me thinking about how our piggies are herd animals and where did our little folks come from.  Since they originated in South America and grow to be around 12 inches (That's a BIG piggy!), how come ours are so small?  Anyone know?
  A few days back there was mention of a piggy with a collar.  When my Lady Bug was about 6 1/2 months old she needed some eye surgery.  I asked her vet to please fashion a collar for her so she wouldn't irritate the site by washing her face, scratching, etc.  He did and she turned out to be quite a problem solver.  When she lay down she could not get comfortable.  That lasted most of a day until she figured out to make a pile of hay and rest her head on it.  It was a good fit and she was able to sleep comfortably.  She never ate any of that hay just used it as a "pillow".  Who says guinea pigs are dumb!!  I never thought to do that, she did.
  Hey Carly, how is the stroller competition coming?  Does anyone have pics?
  Joan, Slave to the Lady Bug.

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