[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE: condolences, Bryn

Cindy calliope at geeksnet.com
Mon Apr 10 19:21:51 EDT 2006

Leila, we are so very sorry to hear that Bryn had to be helped across the 
Bridge.  Bless you for knowing that she needed your assistance.  Although 
it is so sad to hear of her passing, we must say how amazing it is that she 
reached the age of ten!  Wow!  Yes, we have no doubt of the strength of her 
spirit.  How lucky both of you were to be able to share a whole decade 
together.  Bryn basked in your love, we know.  Please accept our 
condolences on her passing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all sick piggies and their humans.

Cindy, Sunshine, Tumbleweed, and Friday

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