[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Our newest piggie, Friday

Cindy calliope at geeksnet.com
Mon Apr 10 19:46:54 EDT 2006

By special request (thanks, Carla!), I have been asked to introduce the 
newest member of our household, Friday.  OK, Friday is not a day of the 
week; he is a mostly Aby piggie who we adopted right before 
Christmas.  Yes, I am very remiss in introducing him!  He has black and 
copper markings and a sort of black "mask"; he looks like a cardinal.

Friday came from our vet and is only four and a half months old.  He is 
quite energetic, to say the least.  Sometimes when he has floortime, he 
popcorns so hard that he can't walk straight.  I've seen him start to get a 
pellet from a bowl, then popcorn upwards because he is too happy to 
eat.  He loves to run into his wooden tube and to hang out with his buddy, 

Unfortunately it has recently turned out that Friday does not like 
Sunshine.  I think this occurred when Friday hit puberty.  He began trying 
to attack Sunshine and once got a piece of fur.  (Sunshine is the only 
blond in our piggie family, so it was obvious who Friday had tried to 
bite.)  They have never been in the same cage, but even during floortime 
Friday wants Sunshine to be elsewhere.  I am now doing a "stock exchange" 
daily (The New Pork Stock Exchange) where Friday gets on the floor with 
Tumbleweed, then later Sunshine gets on the floor with Tumbleweed, and so 
on.  Tumbleweed has proved to be an able and accommodating (if not always 
tireless) diplomat.

We are very happy to have Friday and he is becoming more and more relaxed 
as a member of our family, but we'd welcome any and all suggestions about 
how he and Sunshine might become friends.  For now, we are awaiting 
Friday's adulthood and perhaps ensuing maturity.

Friday says he is most happy to be a part of the GPDD family!

Cindy, Sunshine, Tumbleweed, and Friday

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