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Oh, Dee! It is a great (grin) poem! It should be interesting to see what we all come up with.

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>I found this poem in a children's poetry book in the library where I work.
>Let's see how many of you can come up with your own GP poem!
>The Surprise
>by Jean Kenward
>'These guinea pigs.' they said,
>'don't bite,
>they're sisters.  They won't
>mate, or fight,
>but live in friendship
>in their hutch,
>and not disturb you
>How was it, then,
>one morning when
>the frost was thick
>on stone and stem,
>I ran to feed them,
>and I found
>EIGHT guinea pigs!
>They ran around
>bright-eyed, smooth coated,
>quick and small .
>Their mum and dad
>surveyed them all
>with hidden pride
>as if to say,
>'Who told you?
>we were sisters,
>                    hey?'
> Dee, working on her poem.
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