[Gpdd] Poem: piggy poem

Laura Grace Rollins rollinsl at musc.edu
Tue Apr 11 12:15:23 EDT 2006

Martin Luther is a running topic in my poetry class. I always seem to write 
about him or have some mention of a gp! I have another poem "13 ways of 
looking at a Cavy" (modeled after "13 ways of looking at a blackbird") that 
I will try to find and send.

Sitting with Martin Luther at the end of a very long day

He turns his potato body in circles on my belly,
and sticks his little snout up in the air,
exposing his two teeth in the gap
between those huge pink lips.

He sniffs (snorts) twice,
and with that, he rears his tail-less little butt up
wags it back and forth a few times,
making a strange, star trek rumble noise,
then charges towards my head.

He rams his nose under my chin,
grunts and chirps as he spastically
stretches his whole body into one
horizontal being and rolls
a little to each side before
all of his muscles go limp
and he releases a warm,
deep coo into my skin.

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