[Gpdd] HEALTH: off dry mix

Alison Varndell avarndell at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Apr 13 12:46:35 EDT 2006

Hello guinea-pig lovers,

I'd really appreciate some advice.  I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to share my house with a wonderful guinea called Pepe for over 7 and a half years.  However, over the past few days, although she eagerly eats all veggies, including the hard variety, hay and wholemeal bread, she's right off mix.  I've tried two kinds of mix - Gertie and another - and Burgess supreme pellets.  She reluctantly picks around but eats very little.  She appears to be losing weight!!!  Any ideas?  I live in the U.K. so some U.S. products may not be available.



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