[Gpdd] Miscellaneous: Paddington's Progress

EVE BLACKE shiksachick at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 13 21:30:55 EDT 2006

Hello to everyone and everypig,

Paddington the leaper has been with me 6 months now.  I've taken to calling 
him Sweetey Petey lately...don't know why, but I do.  I adopted Paddy from 
the SPCA.  He was the last pig I considered but when I held him in my arms I 
felt him relax and that did it for me.  The shelter thought he was about 2 
years old.  I don't know what kind of life he had prior to now but his 
initial behaviour inferred a neglected one.  He was so scared of me.  
Whenever I approached him, he would dash hard and fast into the sides of his 
cage with such force that I feared he would injure himself.   Slowly, I 
began to earn his trust.  He still ran but the head butts into the side of 
the cage stopped, thank goodness!  And then he got mites in January....I 
fretted and worried and I'm sure he sensed that and finally knew that he 
could trust me completely.  The transformation was amazing.  He ran to greet 
me.  I was stunned.  He didn't run away when I went to pick him up.  He 
actually took a nap after putting himself in the crook of my arm.  I just 
have to give him a little pat and he purrs like a motorboat.

He now lives with Hamlet and Ophelia full time.  After 5.5 months of 
*playdates* with the old boys they have finally reached a peace treaty.  
He's good for my old boys.  Veggies they used to turn their noses up at are 
now eaten because they can't stand seeing Paddy eat.  It's so amusing to 
watch them fight (tug-of-war...not fight-fight)over a single piece of 
eggplant or kohlrabi and ignore the other two pieces  that are free for the 
taking.  They've definitely shown more interest in life since Paddy's joined 

It's just been so rewarding to see him blossom these last 6 months.  I 
wanted to share his progress with all of you.

Eve and the furry 4

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