[Gpdd] BEHAVIOR: show-off piggy

mtjaffe at verizon.net mtjaffe at verizon.net
Fri Apr 14 11:31:38 EDT 2006

Do any of your pigs "show-off" for you by doing silly things to get your attention? When our pig is out and about and we are keeping him company, he races around the room going to all the spots he knows he is not supposed to go --e.g., under book cases. He watches to see if your are paying attention and when you shoo him away, he'll race back to his cage and bite on his bars (from the outside!) , then race into his cage and suck madly on his water bottle , then race back out, come over to you and get close enough to get a pet, then race away again...etc. The more fuss you make over him (in a high-pitched voice) the more energetic he becomes. Just like a  silly kid. His newest trick is to jump up on a low shelf and pull off his toys (e.g., paper towel rolls) and throw them off! 

Slave to Silly Lucky 

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