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Fri Apr 14 12:29:22 EDT 2006

Alison, for my older piggies, I give a bowl of Oxbow Critical Care. I take  
them out of their cage area and put them on the floor with the bowl and let 
them  eat in peace. :-) Oxbow has availability overseas, although their UK link 
is  down right now. Sorry about that. Keep checking. I did report it to  them.
If you can't get that, you can take your pellets and make a yummy pellet  
mash. I always keep a can of plain pumpkin just for those emergencies when they  
don't want to eat the Oxbow Critical Care. The following recipes are good for  
syringe feeding, but you don't have to use a coffee grinder to get the fine  
powder just to feed it in a bowl.  The added acidophilus and prozyme are  good 
for their digestion, but if you don't have it, it doesn't matter.
Judi  Lainer
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