[Gpdd] [Health] Strange Breathing Sounds

marian namovic amtn1 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 14 14:31:01 EDT 2006


This note is for Kelly and Waffles who has been making
strange breathing sounds lately.  I had a similar
thing happen to my piggie, Penuche, recently.  She
would seem to be 'breathing funny', and then a little
while later, she would be fine.  Her eyes and nose and
appetite were completely normal so I didn't think the
problem was a cold.  I took Penuche to her vet (Dr.
Horton of Chicago Exotics).  She diagnosed a heart
problem.  The strange breathing I had noticed Peunche
doing was because of a build-up of fluids.  Penuche is
5 years old, getting to be Senior Citizen.  Dr. Horton
put her on a diuretic and an ACE inhibitor.  She will
be on these the rest of her life.  She seems to be
doing well on the new drugs and still has an
enthusiasum for life (and food).

I'm not saying that Waffles has the same problem, but
it is something to keep in mind if no other solution
appears and the breathing problems persist.  With
Penuche, a heart condition was the last thing I
suspected because her energy level has always been so
good and she's not overweight.  

Hope this helps other piggies out there.


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