[Gpdd] My poem

DEE CLARK joedee1986 at verizon.net
Fri Apr 14 19:35:13 EDT 2006

Here is my try at a Piggie Poem:

Piggie Love, a poem of sorts.

It was a cold March day
and we were on our way
to the mall.
"Oh, let's stop at the pet store just for fun" I say.

We went in the door,
and saw on the floor
a bin of little guinea's,
all colors and types galore
just there on the floor.

Joe was entranced by these wee furry creatures,
with their cute little bodies
and wonderful features.

Next thing I know, he comes to
show me a little black one
he caught in the food dish,
saying take me home I wish,
Joe said he heard it clearly.

We didn't plan on getting a pet.
Just something to do on this day cold and wet.
Hubby's life was in a muddle
and he needed something furry to cuddle,
so our life with piggies began.

Tribbles was followed in a month
by Taffy, she needed a friend to keep
her happy.  Only she turned out to be a he
and soon there were four more
going "wheeep, wheeep".

Now we are addicted, true slaves,
over the years there have been many,
Those that stayed like Tribbles, Taffy
Oreo, Daisy, Tacoma, Honey and

Some found homes with others,
like Tasha and Patches.  All over the Bridge
where there is no empty fridge,
and endless hay abounds.

Slaves still, we always will,
have a piggie in our home.
Juliet, Peaches and Pumpkin,
others will come.

Dedicated to : Tribbles, Taffy, Patches, Daisy, Oreo, Tasha, Annie, Tacoma,
Honey, Juliet, Peaches and Pumpkin


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