[Gpdd] MISC - Re: Seussy and Hamlet in NYC

Dawnda Stricklen dawndastricklen at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 16:20:29 EDT 2006

Hi Heather

I am like you. I am amazed that so many people do not
know what a guinea pig is. Every time I go into the
pet shop to check out the guinea pig situation,
someone asks me what they are. The last time someone
said "Look at those big rats!"

My nephew came up to my house for the first time last
Sunday. When he looked into my guinea pig room, he
said, "Look a whole room full of rabbits!" He is nine
years old. 
When I was nine years old, I had already had several
guinea pigs. I knew what they were and how to take
proper care of them. At least, proper care as the
1970's knew it for guinea pigs. 

My mother-in-law still calls them hamsters. Go

Dawnda Stricklen



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