[Gpdd] HEALTH-infection or cancer in nipple

Nancy Grabarczyk novelmom at ameritech.net
Sat Apr 15 00:35:06 EDT 2006

We took our GP, Patches, to the vet today.  One of her nipples was 
swollen/engorged and leaking a milky blood-like liquid.  Next to it, 
there was also a hole which is bleeding.  The vet said it could be an 
infection, or it could be cancer.  We were prescribed some antibiotics 
and pain meds for her.  If it doesn't get better in a couple days, we 
have to take her to her regular vet (this was an emergency vet.)  My 
daughter felt around the base of the engorged nipple, and she said it 
felt like a hard mass.  Has anyone ever had this happen with their 
female GP?  She was neutered a long time ago (she's about 4 now), so 
it's not pregnancy or anything.

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