[Gpdd] Behavior - Zeke's bunny

Heather Hairston h_anne_h at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 16 11:48:10 EDT 2006

Hi - new to the list, have posted once or twice but not so good at following 
up, but have been reading all the digests for some time!
One of our 5 G.P.s, Zeke, is a one-year old Abyssian, brown, black, rust in 
color.  He is rather ornery, and lives by himself because he doesn't get 
along at all with the other boar, and can't be in the same room as the girls 
without losing his mind, getting beat up (and stinking up the whole house).
While we were Easter shopping yesterday, my mother wanted to buy a small 
stuffed bunny she thought was cute, but unfortunately, my kids are a bit old 
for the bunny thing now...so she said, "well, maybe one of your guinea pigs 
will like it".  We put the bunny in with Zeke, because he's lonely sometimes 
and we don't always have time to cuddle him as much as we would like.  I had 
no idea he would take to it like he did!  I went back in to check on him a 
while later, and he had drug the bunny into the entrance to his igloo!  At 
the time, I though one of my kids had stuffed it in there, so I moved it, 
but later, we saw him drag the bunny back into the igloo, and he was 
actually popcorning in between sniffing and snuggling the bunny!
Hopefully, this will make him feel a little better about long days when no 
one is able to visit him for periods of time during the day - I thought 
maybe this might be inspirational to someone who has a Pig who has to spend 
a little more time by himself than they would like - something to try, 
anyway!  He doesn't seem inclined to ingest any pieces of the bunny so far 

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