[Gpdd] MISC: Look what the Easter Bunny Brought!

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Sun Apr 16 20:47:01 EDT 2006

    Dearest GPDDers,
    Hi, everyone! I know, it's been a long time. Sorry about that. Life has been chaotic at our new apartment and with Easter and all I haven't had time to get a proper night sleep let alone write emails. But that's niether here nor there.
    I was a fantastic Easter here and the Bunny was feeling generous this year. Aurora got a huge basket of everything that she asked for and then some, so she is a very contented four year old (blowing bubbles in the bath tub as we speak because it's pouring outside). But I think Pooky and Blacky made it out the best this year. Mrs. Bunny brought them a new cage! That's right! They now have a 3' x 3' cavy cage and are loving it! Sadly, the Easter Bunny seems to be a bit lacking in the construction department and the bottom is kind of mishapen and crooked..... but the Bunny did her best and darn it, she deserves much credit for effort! :) No, really..... Bunny sucks. And Bunny is going to have to try again. *sigh* But that's all right, because the guinea girls love it anyway. 
    But here is my dilema. That's a big cage filled with only two sweet little guineas.......... it looks like a hospital nursery when they only have one or two of the cradles filled. You feel this ache to see it filled with more love and fuzziness! Do you think I could fit a couple more guineas in a 3 x 3?
    Well, I do have some news on that front as well. My sister Sammy is getting tired of all of the work associated with guineas. I know, I can hear the boos and hisses from here you addicts, but give the kid a break. She's 16 and has a full life, and face it, guineas are a LOT of work.
*** For those of you who don't know, I'll give you a little background here. Sammy's guinea pig Mamas came to her pregnant (this happens a lot in pet stores, FYI). So, when Rain (found to be male a little too late) and Pooky (female) came, I took on Pooky. Pooky was lonely, so then I bought Blacky. Sammy kept Rain and Mamas (thinking they were both girls, oops!) and one things led to another and her name is Jellybean (yes, a her, we are sure this time!). 
    So, Sammy was talking aboiut maybe getting rid of at least Jellybean, and maybe Mamas as well. I insisted that she gie them to me if she decided she didn't want them any longer, so she promised she would. What a lovely little brood I am constructing!
    I got to meet little Miss Jellybean finally. Oh, she is so beautiful! She is the type of guinea that has that sweet little circular cow-lick on their foreheads... so technical am I!... and she is speckled with patches of rust, chocolate, cream, and black fur. She is so timid and frightened yet, but I wrapped her in a warm towel and we cuddled for a while. I think she likes the feeling of my heartbeat because she leaned right against my chest and rested quietly. *sigh* Such a sweet little love.
    I hope I get Mamas as well, truth be told. I think since she has had a cage mate since her birth that suddenly finding herself alone would make her miserable. I'll describe her as well. She is a relatively small guinea, even though she is an adult. She is mainly white with three big sploches of color: On the left side of her face she has a butter-cream circle over her eye, a white strip divides her face in half and the other eye is ringed in chocolate. Then right on right butt-cheek is a splash of rust! She is very gentle and sweet; she'll pretty much let you do whatever you want without fussing. I think she and Blacky well get along famously. They'll both roll their eyes at the young ones and munch their hay in peace. Ha ha ha!
    Is it wrong to want guineas that are not yet yours? Thou shalt not covet thy sister's guinea pigs? I can't help it. *sigh* I think I have a problem. Hi, my name is Amber and I am a guinea addict and I don't want to stop. :)
    I hope all of you had a happy Easter and I am sorry for the rambling. :)
                                Love, Amber
Blacky and Pooky would say hello as well, but I just  gave them some fresh snow peas and they are quite busy munching, sorry. 

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