[Gpdd] Misc. another guinea pig addict.

Birdie Horn birdlonglegs at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 01:17:24 EDT 2006

I laughed so hard when I read Amber's 
  statement about being a gp addict. Well
  Hi, I'm Birdie, and I'm a gp addict too. I 
  have been thinking this for sometime but 
  somehow when Amber said it really hit home.
  I and 46 and am caring for my for my 5th, 7th, 
  10th and 11th guinea pigs. I have not stopped 
  having guinea pigs since my first one. I have 
  stated many times that each one would be my
  last but now I have resigned myself to my fate.
  If I ever come into a large amount of money I 
  will probably start my own guinea pig rescue. I want 
  every guinea pig I've ever seen and my heart
  goes out to everyone when I read of a passing
  of our adorable little furry friends. It may seem 
  to some but I know I am among friends here
  that truly understand. 
  I had a nice Easter with my mother today out at 
  the farm. I finally emptied my freezer and buried 
  Blondie, her 4 still born babies and Little One. 
  It was the first time that I had been able to make
  it out to my Mom's where the "Pet Cemetery" is that 
  the ground was not to hard to dig. I placed Blondie
  and her babies together and Little One in her own box.
  The babies got carnations placed in their boxes while
  Blondie and Little One got the tradition red roses. I 
  put the roses in because it symbolizes the love I feel 
  for them. Then to send them off properly I wrap them 
  a purple towel because purple is for royalty and to me 
  they are. It was a comfort to me because I now feel 
  that they can finally relax and play at the bridge now 
  and their spirits are finally free. I guess this is just the 
  price we all pay for having the privilege of loving and 
  being a slave to this creatures. Sorry for the long post. 
  Birdie, an addict slave to Jimmy Jr., Spunky, Miss Perky, 
  and Miss Pooky. 


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