[Gpdd] SILLY: The 2 Stooges

ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 17 10:15:25 EDT 2006

    HA HA HA HA!
    Hi, GPDDers. Oh my God, I just had the funniest thing happen and I had to share it with you. Pardon any typing mistakes because I am still laughing about it and my hands keep shaking. Oh man... okay.
    So I am sitting at my good old computer, listening to some Enya, and typing out my emails. The office door is wide open so I can easily look in at my little darlings as they eat their yummy breakfast newly served. 
    A happy Irish jig comes on, very happy and popcorn-inducing, which reminds me of my guinea girls, so I pause to look over at them.
    Pooky is munching on a celery stick, but she's struggling with it because it's a little long and she wants it to stand up straight. Pooky likes to eat her food in such a way as to wear it down equally, especially celery. She'll nibble down the length of the stalk then start over at the top again, like an old type writer. Well, this particular stalk is having none of it and it keeps falling. Pooky gets fed up with it. She chomps down on the end and swings the stalk hard, smacking Blacky on her butt! So Blacky wheeps in fright and turns to see what hit her... and she sees Pooky! Blacky then head butts Pooky in the side, knocking her into the shavings. BLITZ!
    I guess Pooky didn't see this retaliation coming, so she hurriedly dashes into her pigloo to escape Blacky's guinea wrath, but in her haste she misjudged where the door was and crashes right into the lip of the opening. BAM! A shower of shavings, poos and humiliation fills the air as Pooky gracelessly gets to her feet and manages to get into the pigloo. Hee hee hee
    All the while, Blacky is crunching her hay happily, eager to take the opportunity to eat the best nibbles while Pooky is in hiding. *checking really quick* Yep, I knew it. She's eating all of the centers out of the orange slices. HA HA HA! What a brat! Oh, she's going for the kale! And she's nibbling all of the leafy parts and leaving the stalks. HA HA HA! Oh, man.... I can't take it. Ha ha ha..... I'm crying here. 
    No shame in her game.I swear Blacky is the type of personality that could see someone get mugged and she'd hurry over to them before they regained consciousness, take whatever they had left on them, and shake them saying, "Hey, mister, are you okay? I saw someone hit you then take your watch. Was it a nice watch? All gold and diamonds, you say? Rolex, huh? Wow, that sucks that that other person took it!" HA HA HA HA!  
    So, I hope the antics of my guinea loves has amused you as well -my face really hurts- and I hope you all have a good day!
                                Big Hugs,

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