[Gpdd] Behavior: Are my guinea pigs getting along?

Jennifer Thurston jenniferlyn35 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 17 21:34:07 EDT 2006

My husband and I adopted our first guinea pig, Samsen, in October.  He's such a quiet and mellow little piggy. We absolutely love him to death. My husband has started a new job and we're not home as much as we'd like to be so Samsen is home alone a lot. We decided a couple of weeks ago to adopted a new piggy, Toby. Toby is an 18 month old neutered male (Samsen is 3 years old). Toby has been to the vets and has gotten a clean bill of health. We started by putting the two cages next to each other. They would sniff each other and stick their noses thru the bars. It was really cute. Then I started putting them together in a pen on the floor. They seemed to get along alright. There was no bloodshed or biting. Toby would chase Samsen around and try to sniff and jump on him. Samsen would run away to hide and make a chattering sound. That's all that really happened.  Now Samsen and Toby are sharing a cage. There are 2 water bottles, 2 food dishes and a few piles of hay. Toby is definitely more energetic than Samsen but he seems to be kind of a bully too. He always chases Samsen around the cage and tries to steel his treats.  They still don't bite or fight. Samsen just chatters and runs away until Toby leaves him alone. I guess my question is...Is this normal behavior? I've never had 2 guinea pigs so I'm not sure what normal behavior is. Are they getting a long or is Toby chasing Samsen and stealing his treats a sign that they are not getting along? They are complete opposites of each other and I would hate to think that Samsen is not enjoying having a buddy. Sorry this is so long. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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