[Gpdd] MISC: RE: another guinea pig addict & goodbye to Muttley

Marsha Neely matilda at ptsi.net
Tue Apr 18 01:03:14 EDT 2006


My name is Marsha, and I am a gp addict.

First of all, thank you for your kind words when my Muttley passed after 
bladder stone surgery at the end of December.  I've never written much to 
the digest, but I'm always very busy (or, at least I think so).  I'm going 
to try to be a more active participant, so I thought I would tell you a 
little about myself.

I've got 3 years on you, Birdie, as I turned 49 last week.  I am the 
Victim's Advocate/Shelter Supervisor (Computer Administrator, Legal 
Advocate, blah, blah, blah) at a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis 
center where I have worked for 12 years.  My work week is anywhere from 45 - 
90 hours per week, so I occasionally get behind on reading the daily digest. 
I do, however, read them all.  The digest has been a great source of 
understanding, consolation, and knowledge for me, and I am very greatful for 
you all.

I think I am finally ready to say some words about my Muttley.  His Highness 
King Muttley Bejabbers was the first guinea pig I had in years.  He was 
several months old, and I got him through an ad on a local website.  He was 
living with a family who no longer had time to care for him.  I had several 
piggies growing up, but I never had one like him.  I got Muttley just a few 
months after getting a divorce, so he will always hold a special place in my 
heart. I always sang "You Are My Sunshine" to him, and I sang it to him the 
day he died as I was driving him to the vet for his surgery.  Now, I can 
barely handle hearing the song.  Five years ago on my birthday, Muttley was 
running around in his room, and I got down on the floor to talk to him.  He 
waddled over to me and gave me a kiss on my chin.  This was very, very 
unusual for Muttley, and I was excited because it happened on my birthday. 
About one hour later, my dad called to tell me that my grandmother had 
passed.  How weird is that?

Muttley was very opinionated.  If he wasn't in the mood to be social, he let 
me know.  I would reach out to pet him, and he would get up, move over about 
2 or 3 inches, lay back down, and look at me out of the corner of his eye. 
Alrighty, then!  I wish you all could have met him, but I'm sure you all 
feel the same way about your babies.

When Muttley passed on December 30th, I was completely heartbroken.  I 
wrapped him in a brightly colored scarf and put him in a sturdy shoebox.  I 
put one of his favorite toys in the box, and one of my friends, Lorinda, 
took me to another friends country home.  They have a hill out there where 
they have always buried their family pets.  My friends husband, Bob, had 
already dug the grave, so I told Muttley goodbye one last time.  I put the 
box in the ground and Bob asked me if he could read the 23rd Psalm.  After 
he read the passage, Lorinda said a prayer, and Bob finished burying 
Muttley.  How good are my friends?

Anyway, I'm crying again, so I'll leave you with those thoughts.  I guess 
Trixie senses that something is up and she has started chirping at me.  I 
made it through Muttley's passing with the help of the rest of my herd, my 
friends, and the wonderful people of this digest.  To all of you who 
personally emailed me, thank you so much.  You'll probably be hearing more 
from me in the future, and, for that, I apologize in advance.

The Bejabbers (StinkerBelle, Ozzy, Trixie, Elvis)
Bart, the big dog
In memory of Muttley, PitterPatty, and Baby

 and 11th guinea pigs. I have not stopped
>  having guinea pigs since my first one. I have
>  stated many times that each one would be my
>  last but now I have resigned myself to my fate.
>  If I ever come into a large amount of money I
>  will probably start my own guinea pig rescue. I want
>  every guinea pig I've ever seen and my heart
>  goes out to everyone when I read of a passing
>  of our adorable little furry friends. It may seem
>  to some but I know I am among friends here
>  that truly understand.
>  I had a nice Easter with my mother today out at
>  the farm. I finally emptied my freezer and buried
>  Blondie, her 4 still born babies and Little One.
>  It was the first time that I had been able to make
>  it out to my Mom's where the "Pet Cemetery" is that
>  the ground was not to hard to dig. I placed Blondie
>  and her babies together and Little One in her own box.
>  The babies got carnations placed in their boxes while
>  Blondie and Little One got the tradition red roses. I
>  put the roses in because it symbolizes the love I feel
>  for them. Then to send them off properly I wrap them
>  a purple towel because purple is for royalty and to me
>  they are. It was a comfort to me because I now feel
>  that they can finally relax and play at the bridge now
>  and their spirits are finally free. I guess this is just the
>  price we all pay for having the privilege of loving and
>  being a slave to this creatures. Sorry for the long post.
>  Birdie, an addict slave to Jimmy Jr., Spunky, Miss Perky,
>  and Miss Pooky.
> Birdie

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