[Gpdd] Misc: Piggy Poems

Maren Fouts magbfouts at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 07:55:46 EDT 2006

Every has had such great poems.

It interesting someone started this.  Ever since Sam died I have had the
makings of one in me, but haven't brought myself to write it yet.  So I
decided now was the time.  I hope everyone forgives the sadness of it, but I
wanted to share my memories of Sam with all of you.

Remember When

Remember when you came to live with me?

You were so small, so sick, so scared.

I brought you home, got you medicine

And nursed you back to health.

Remember when you learned I wasn't the Evil One?

You learned to have fun,

Sitting in your salad bowl

Munching away.

Remember when you lived with me?

Through grad school, through moving, through marriage?

You loved everyone dearly

Enough to wheek when you heard keys in the door.

Remember when I started to work?

You were home alone

Far too much.

You stopped eating, and I was scared.

Remember when we found you a friend?

You loved her with all your heart and soul.

She was your life companion.

You couldn't imagine being without her and you wheeked to tell me so.

Remember when Dad was away?

You heard keys outside the front door,

And wheeked as you ran all the way

To sit as you waited to greet him as he came home.

Remember when we used to cuddle?

You loved climbing me like a tree to perch at my shoulder.

You would bury yourself in my hair,

And I would have to dig you out.

Remember when you had surgery?

I was only trying to help you live a full life

With your wonderful friend.

But I soon learned that would not happen.

Remember when you went to the Bridge?

I hope you met my good friend Wrinkles there.

I hope he showed you where everything was and where to wait for me.

I hope you crossed to that place, with Reese the Recycled Guinea Pig.

Remember when I loved you?

Remember when I cried?

I am anxious to see you again, my sweet.

On the other side.

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