[Gpdd] Behavior: Are my guinea pigs getting along?

Maren Fouts magbfouts at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 08:14:26 EDT 2006


Usually what happens with 2 or more pigs is they establish a pecking order.
Sounds to me like Toby is the alpha pig and Samsen is the beta pig.  When
Samsen runs away chattering his teeth he's telling Toby to leave him alone,
which, I suspect, Toby does and everything is right with the world again.
As long as you don't have constant teeth chattering or biting, you should be

Keep in mind though, the slave always knows the pigs best.  You know their
personalities better than anyone and you, probably, can answer the question
of whether Samsen is happy or not best.

Piggy Kisses,
Maren, Rosie, and Charlie

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