[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE: Kozmo goes to the Bridge

Conklin Kacee Kacee.Conklin at HCAHealthcare.com
Tue Apr 18 10:48:02 EDT 2006

It was just about a month ago that I told you all of Kazingo going to
the Bridge and now my special Kozmo has joined her and the other
munchees.  I got Kozmo at a Petsmart about 3 years ago.  She was about 6
months old and had been returned to the store by some people who were
moving.  She was the only one in the Plexiglas case.  I talked to her
and she came over by me and when I put my finger down by the air hole,
she went over to the air hole to smell my hand.  Well, it seemed to be
she was picking me to adopt her and home she came.  She was the sweetest
thing from the start.  I could never understand how anyone could return
such a sweet guinea pig but I was sure glad they did!  I know I
shouldn't have favorites, but there was just something about Kozmo that
totally stole my heart.  Last year, her cage mate and she got into a
fight and she ended up with a corneal abrasion and an abscess near her
eye.  I've been giving her medicine and nursing her since then and that
just reinforced an already strong bond between us.   When I noticed she
wasn't eating as much as usual, we went to the vet and sure enough,
there was a large mass.  Although unusual in guinea pigs, we hoped it
might be a hairball and treated her for that for several days.  When she
didn't respond, we went in to do surgery on her yesterday.  He got in
there and it was massive and he believed it was inoperable and called to
ask what I wanted to do, put her down or sew her back up and let her
have whatever days she had left.  I didn't want her to suffer anymore so
I told them to go ahead and put her down.  He gave a lot more
consideration to the mass and decided he would give it a try.
Amazingly, he was able to get it out and she survived the operation
which surprised him.  I was pretty surprised when I spoke to him later
and he said she was actually still alive.  It was pins and needles time,
however.  The next 24 hours would tell the story.  Sadly, Kozmo passed
away during the night.  She was a sweet but tough little girl.  In the
end, I guess it was too much for her.  

We had the weekend together and spent it cuddling.  She would stretch to
get closer to me.  I know you're not supposed to but I'd kiss her and
she'd kiss me back.  In spite of the medicines I was having to give her,
I know she knew how much I loved her and I know from the way she looked
at me that she knew how much I loved her.  I take great comfort from
that assurance.

Kozmo, I know you are with me here in spirit and you will always be in
my heart.  I'm glad you are no longer in pain and I will miss you
terribly.  Have fun with the other munchees until I get there.  I love
you and all the munchees at the Bridge.

Kacee, slave to the Munchee Eight

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