Margi Grant mgrant1 at san.rr.com
Tue Apr 18 12:38:35 EDT 2006

My Caramel, age 5 1/2, joined her sister Oreo at the Rainbow Bridge 
sometime during the night.  She had an abcess in her neck area that we 
had been treating with antibiotics and had decided not to put her 
through surgery -- she had already lost a lot of weight and was elderly, 
and we were afraid she wouldn't even survive surgery, or be miserable if 
she did (with the anticipated flushing of the drained abcess).  SO we 
made her last days pleasant -- she was eating and drinking right up to 
the end.  Her guy, Buddy, spent some time with her body this morning (I 
had separated them yesterday as she was quite weak and he was taking her 
food before she finished).  DH cut wood for a coffin before he left for 
work and I need to assemble it for the burial next to Oreo.

Buddy is also about 5 1/2 (according to the rescue).  I think he'll be a 
lone piggy for now.


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