[Gpdd] [RAINBOW BRIDGE] Condolences for Caramel

DebJonSara at aol.com DebJonSara at aol.com
Wed Apr 19 12:28:20 EDT 2006

Margi, I was so sorry to read about your Caramel going to The Bridge. It  
reminded me a little of my "old gal", Cannelle, who was about the same age and  
had a large mammary tumour plus heart failure. Surgery was out of the question, 
 so like you, we just put her on "hospice care" - tried to make her last  
days pleasant, and like Caramel, she was eating and drinking right up to the  end.
I am quite sure Caramel knew she was loved, and she will be happy and pain  
free with her sister Oreo now. Give poor old Buddy some extra cuddles from the  
Dolly Mixtures and me here in France - he is sure to feel as sad and lonely 
as  you do.

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