[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Diabetes

DebJonSara at aol.com DebJonSara at aol.com
Wed Apr 19 12:41:25 EDT 2006

I posted this link on diabetes in guinea pigs not so long ago for Alge, but  
here it is again: 
However, if it is really hot there, that could be the reason for the excess  
thirst and urination, especially if he is running around a lot more than he 
used  to since the arrival of the other two guinea pigs. My piggies did all 
drink a  lot more during the heatwave we had here in France in 2003, and that was 
in  spite of the fact their run was in cooler shade. Hopefully your piggies do 
have  plenty of shade? I hasten to add that mine all survived.
As regards the water bottle, are you sure he is drinking all that much, or  
could the bottle just be leaking? have found my bottles leak more in a hot  
environment - I think it's something to do with water expanding when it's warm  
(I was never a scientist!)?
The weighing is an excellent idea. Although a piggie that has not lost  
weight can still be seriously ill, losing weight is always a sign that there is  
something wrong.
Comet sounds too young to have to endure a serious illness, so the Dolly  
Mixtures and I are crossing everything that it's just the heat and you have  
nothing to worry about!
Debbie and the 17 Dolly Mixtures, in brrrrr still cold Northern  France!

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