[Gpdd] Health: Going to the Vet's

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 10:37:31 EDT 2006

Hello Slaves!
I'm in the middle of a Brownie
Bear Power Hour. I'm trying to get
the piggies lubricated for their
first Vet visit at Dr. Griffin's
later today. The Vet is about
25 minutes away, so whee should
have a nice, little drive. They
are getting a regular exam each
and I'm getting x-rays done on
the Bear to check for bladder
stones. BB passed those 4 stones
back in January, so keep your
fingers & paws crossed that there
hasn't been a recurrence.
Butterscotch is getting a full
exam minus the x-rays.

Last wheek, I found a local Vet
not too far from our apt, so I
took the piggies there for a nail
trim. And wow, the piggies were
treated like Royalty there. Everyone
wanted to see the guinea pigs and
many of the Vet technicians came
in to see them and dote all over
them. Of course, that was a sign
that they don't get too many pigs,
so I knew that this was not a
place I could take them for a 'real'

Well, I gotta get going. I'm going
for a jog before it gets too Hot.
Since I haven't been working, I've
been eating too much and I need to
get things under control so I can
fit into something next wheeek when
I start my new job. :-)

I hope all Piggies and Slaves are
doing well.

   Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeps,
      Leah...Slave to Brownie Bear
               & Butterscotch :-)

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