[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Everybody's talkin' - there's a new pig in town....

rmalsberg at comcast.net rmalsberg at comcast.net
Thu Apr 20 19:42:25 EDT 2006

Jaime -

Congratulations to you and Molly on having found each other!

(If only there was an eHarmony for piggies in need and piggy people with extra room in their homes and hearts.  We could all get matched up easier and quicker!  We could have this nice white haired guy introduce it on TV - and a catchy tune - "This will be...............an everlasting love."  We could call it ePiggery.)

Anyway, she sounds cuter 'n a button with her white with black spots and "one pink ear" looks.

Another lucky piggy found her way to your home and heart.


Rayna and Carmen 
Taffy, Sundae and Tosca in mem

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