[Gpdd] Health: A Question about Dandelions

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Fri Apr 21 11:27:57 EDT 2006

    Hi, all! How are things?
    We're all doing fine over in Chi-town, never you fear, but I do have a little question for you. See, Spring has come and with the warmer weather and longer days has come a beautiful bounty of dandelions. I know that guineas love them, so Aurora and I puton our gardening best and went dandelion hunting. The harvest was incredibly bountiful. After washing them really well and drying them, we gave some to the girls and they LOVED them. I thought they loved romaine lettuce and parsley, but that was nothing compared to this! Watching them eat their little happy hearts out, I started to wonder about the nutrition of dandelions. I know they are often given to pregnant and nursing sows, but my girls are neither, so I am uncertain. 
    I guess my questions come down to:
    1. Is it something I can give them daily or is it a special treat?
    2. Is it one of those foods that you should give only every couple of days because of high calcium content or nitrates or whatever?
    3. Are the flowers better than the greens or visa versa? Does it matter?
The last one is kind of important because Blacky likes the flowers best and Pooky likes the greens, so good to know.
    If you guys could give me any information about this, that would be groovy. I am really hoping it's totally okay all around because they LOVE them as I said and they're free! Whoo hoo! :)
                                Love, Amber

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