[Gpdd] MISC- new piggie help

CaTT1998 at aol.com CaTT1998 at aol.com
Fri Apr 21 18:49:27 EDT 2006

Hi Jaime,
I just wanted to offer some encouragement!  We too took in an  abandoned 
rescue pig (Mickey) almost 4 months ago.  For the first few  weeks, I was so 
discouraged, because he was not interacting with us and just  acted afraid (almost 
mean).  I thought we had made a huge mistake adopting  him.  It took at least 
2 months of patience (seemed like forever), but  he eventually realized we 
were not going to hurt him.  Now he is such  a love!  When I talk to him and call 
him silly names, he popcorns and runs  around his cage.  Petting him on his 
favorite spots makes him popcorn too -  it's great to see.
So hang in there - you did a wonderful thing rescuing Molly - she has it  
made now that she has found a gpdd'er to take care of her!  She just needs  time 
to discover how great life will be for her now!  Hopefully she will  soon 
relax and start eating normally.  In the meantime, the vet will be  able to rule 
out any illness, and help you feel better as well!
Theresa and her masters - Abby, Shadow, Cupcake, Phoebe, Nigel, Mickey  & 

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