[Gpdd] MISC: This and That

DEE CLARK joedee1986 at verizon.net
Fri Apr 21 21:03:30 EDT 2006


I am wondering how Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Biscuit of Nani and
Princess Jasmine
are since the royal wedding?  Any little ones coming soon?

A hearty welcome to Molly from Juliet, Peaches and Pumpkin!

Jaime, I think Molly just needs some time to settle in with you.  Be gentle
with her and she will soon become used to you.

There is an eHarmony for piggies, it's called www.petfinder.com

I would keep an eye on Biscuit.  He may just be having one of those days,
but any change in behavior needs to be watched.  Hope all is well in a day
or two.

I thought I read that too many dandelions caused loose poos.  True?

Hubby Joe has a small veggie/herb garden.  He plants piggie grass in early
Spring, before our regular grass comes in,  and our piggie are really
enjoying it.  Too early for dandelions here in Mass, at least in our so
called lawn.  We do grow an excellent crop of crab grass!

Enjoy the Critter Corral 7th Annual Pignic!  If memory serves me it was
Penny, Dale and myself who started the first GPDD Pignic about 10 years ago.
It was quite a bash, we even had t-shirts made.  To check for Pignics in
your area go to www.cavymadness.com and the Pignic Central page.

Wheeks to all,
Dee with Juliet, Peaches n Cream, Pumpkin and Hubby Joe.


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