[Gpdd] MISC, new piggie help

Ruth Leibowitz dr.leibq at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 21 20:01:52 EDT 2006

Some thoughts to share with Jamie on your new little friend:

Dear Jamie --

Please take heart and give your new little piggie lots of time.  Sounds like 
she's gone from home to home, and perhaps was barely handled or shown much 
love by anyone, especially when you mention that there were allergies. Plus, 
moving around so much is so traumatic.  It's good you're taking her to the 
vet to check out her health -- barring no physical health problems, it 
sounds like she is just very depressed and perhaps a bit traumatized right 

My downstairs neighbor just rescued a beautiful piggie from a laboratory.  
He is healthy and probably around two, and/but was probably never handled by 
anyone in an affectionate manner and never bonded with anyone.  The first 
few days he stayed in his house all day and barely moved, except to come out 
once or twice to eat when my neighbor was not around.  Now he is slowly 
beginning to come out in the open when she is there, and showing some signs 
of enjoying being held.  But this is two weeks later, and he is still very 
shy and quiet.  I bring my pigs over to say hello from time to time, and we 
think this helps a little, but he still stays frozen much of the time and we 
expect it will be weeks to months before he becomes really comfortable and 
knows that he is in a loving environment.  I don't remember whether you have 
other pigs or not, but perhaps being around other pigs will help her come 
back out into the world.  Jsut sounds like she's been terribly lonely, and 
since guinea pigs are animals that thrive from attachment she must now be 
feeling simply lost and vulnerable to have moved yet again without 
continuous contact with anyone (pig or human) she has been in relationship 

Perhaps one way to reframe the situation is to think how wonderful it will 
be if you and your new piggie can develop a relationship over time that can 
be healing for both of you.  Albert sounds very unique and wonderful.  There 
will never be another pig quite like him.  On the other hand, your new 
little sweetie is unique too -- in ways that you cannot predict untill you 
know her much better and much longer.

My two cents for what they're worth.  I wish you and your new pig a 
wonderful relationship over time, as you allow her the space and possibility 
to express her beauty and uniqueness.

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