[Gpdd] Silly: dutch/german guineapig commercials and Guiny wheeking

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 12:48:39 EDT 2006

Hi Tea and all other piggies around,

This is Guiny. my dearest Tea I am so happy you noticed that is was my
adoption day. I'm quite proud to say that now i'm already 2 years old!
How are you doing? I had such a good time with you at the royal wedding,
though it already seems so long away. How is your back I hope its fine by
And how is your slave Claire doing? if i remember correctly she's pregnant?
I hope the baby will like the stuffed animal that looks like you....
Anywayz, piggie kisses to you and says hi to Biscuit, Yaya says hi too.

As sort of a birthday/adoptionday surpirse I wanted you all to enjoy these
dutch and german commercials that we have her in the Netherlands:
The first was is from the organisation for the recycling of batteries
(stichting Batterijen). The commercial kind of speaks for itself. at the end
they say that if you hand in some empty batteries with a note with your name
and adress you can win a travel cheque. You see the woman reading a book
named 'the secrets of the guinea pig' (de geheimen van de cavia). here's the

The second one is from a commercial for sending cheap sms. It's not about
the guineapig, but it is there. I must say however that we never noticed it
until Janneke told us. the link: http://sms.hi.nl/?osadcampaign=hi ; look at
'check de nieuwste clip' on the right, and press the play button. (or try
http://sms.hi.nl/?osadcampaign=hi ; i think it's the same page though)
If you scroll down, you will see the guineapig in the lower right corner,
try to click it and turn on the sound!

This one is a bit more difficult to view because you guys probably don't
speak dutch. if you click on this link (
http://v2.caviaonline.nl/Downloads/get=8.html ) then you see two orange
bars. Underneath the second orange bar you see 'augenoptiker.wmv'. if you
click on this you get a new screen. and there you have to type in the code
you see above the white retangle (in which you type the code). Press enter
(or click 'download bestand') and then the video will appear. It is a very
funny german commercial (not dutch) but we have to warn you it is a bit
crude, but the guinea pig that is used, is obviously not real. Just to be on
the safe side; do not try this with your own guineapigs!!!! It's a
commercial for an optician...

This one is a game, it's pacman, starring a guinea pig!!!
http://v2.caviaonline.nl/Downloads/get=1.html This works the same way as the
link above. Only click on 'CaviaMan.exe' instead of on 'augenoptiker.wmv'
Have fun!

I hope you all liked them!

Lots of wheeks,
Guiny of the Winky girls: Lovely Lotje, Gorgeous Guiny, Stunning Suus and
youthful Yaya, and Jan, the might boar ;)

bye the way we have new pigtures on our site: http://winkysgirls.hyves.nl

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