[Gpdd] MISC: This and That

Ginger Fitzsimmons matildalucet at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 22 13:30:11 EDT 2006

What does he use for piggie grass? My boys are big fans of Mommy 
Slave's garden and couldn't understand why the good stuff stopped 
coming in the late fall. :-)

We have our first dandelions now. The best one is in the front yard, 
too close to the street for piggy food (IMO), but I'm keeping an eye on 
it until it goes to seed, so I can plant more dandelions in a 
safer-to-eat place in the yard. My neighbors seem to have better 
dandelions this year - do you think we overharvested last summer? We 
did go from one pig to two.

Spring is slowly coming to our little piece of Melrose MA.

slave to Butterscotch and Clover

On Apr 21, 2006, Dee wrote:

> Hubby Joe has a small veggie/herb garden.  He plants piggie grass in 
> early
> Spring, before our regular grass comes in,  and our piggie are really
> enjoying it.  Too early for dandelions here in Mass, at least in our so
> called lawn.  We do grow an excellent crop of crab grass!

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