[Gpdd] Health: Dandilions

Carly Austin candi191999 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 12:28:46 EDT 2006

I actualy LOVE dandilions!  I eat them in a salad!  My
land lady thinks I am a little off when she sees me
out picking her weeds!  I just tell her they are for
my piggies and I. I don't think she believes me that I
eat them.  And yes, if you have yourself a dandilion
salad, you too will poo!!  They are bitter, but if you
get them young and in the spring they are soooooooo
yummy.  I dare all of you to try some!  Try the baby
ones. Rich people pay big bucks to eat them in salads.
 They press them into wine, and oh so much more! 
Minnesotans are weird, I know!   
I eat like my piggies, vegan all the way!  Ha!  (Now,
if only my man could eat his vegies as good as my
piggies do!) I have to hide them in meat or cheese! 
Sad!  Any help with that one?  Ha ha ha!?!? 
Have a Piggie day!  
Carly and the Four Pigs!  

Aeva Emma Liam and Froders!  Wheeks Wheeks

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