[Gpdd] Silly: Guiny

Claire King basschick23 at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Apr 24 13:14:54 EDT 2006

Dear Guiny

Thank you so much for asking about my back - all is well again, the nasty 
medicine that the man that mummy slave calls the vet gave me seemed to work, 
and Biscuit did well in looking after me (he says hi to you and Yaya...!)

Yes, mummy slave is having a baby, her tummy is definatly getting bigger but 
at least Biscuit and I have somewhere to sit when she has us out of the 
hutch!! The toy "me" is waiting for the little bundle to arrive, not long 
now aparently!!

I had a great time with you at the wedding, and I keep wheeking at mummy 
slave to get the email out with the copies of all the wedding emails, but 
aparently something happened and it on another computer, so will take a bit 

Wheeeks to you and all the Winky girls


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Hi Tea and all other piggies around,

This is Guiny. my dearest Tea I am so happy you noticed that is was my
adoption day. I'm quite proud to say that now i'm already 2 years old!
How are you doing? I had such a good time with you at the royal wedding,
though it already seems so long away. How is your back I hope its fine by
And how is your slave Claire doing? if i remember correctly she's pregnant?
I hope the baby will like the stuffed animal that looks like you....
Anywayz, piggie kisses to you and says hi to Biscuit, Yaya says hi too.

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