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joan fagalde momcat1000 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 24 13:47:54 EDT 2006

It's hard to grown a completely organic garden.  I know as I grow one for my Lady Bug.  You cannot use ANY kind of pesticide.  If the active ingredients don't get our friends the in-active will.  According to a horticulturist in our area, the in-organics can be worse than the active ingredients.  Some suggestions that I've found that work for me.  First of all, plant lots knowing you'll lose some plants.  Most of the problems seem to occur in the early Spring and become a little less later. If your plot is small enough to completely cover with heavy plastic do that and spray around the area with a mild spray or even make your own with soap, water and chewing tobacco.  Just make sure none of it touches any area your babies will be into.  I've seen an organic capcasian (hot pepper) spray that crickets etc. won't go near but , again, you have to be careful it's no where on anything eaten by your piggies.  Two other things that work for snails, slugs and cats are 1. citrus
 peels and 2. used coffee grounds.  Cats hate the smell of coffee and citrus and won't use your nice, freshly dug area as a bathroom.  Coffee grounds are actually good for your plants.  If you put the citrus away from your plants, it will draw the snails and slugs and help keep them off your plants as they love citrus.  They also like beer if you put it in a small container, they'll try and drink and drown.  (Of course, then you deal with the remains!)  Hope this helps.  It's just a matter of patience and waiting for life cycles to end.
  Joan, slave to the Lady Bug.

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