[Gpdd] CARE: Feeding Mint

Ginger Fitzsimmons matildalucet at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 24 23:12:44 EDT 2006

Yes! Niles loved mint, and Butterscotch and Clover gobble it up too. I 
love piggy kisses with minty fresh breath. None of my boys have shown 
ill effects from this.

slave to Butterscotch and Clover, remembering Niles Cougar

On Apr 24, 2006, at 12:00 PM, Gpdd-request at gpdd.org wrote:

> Does anyone feed their piggies fresh mint? I bought some this weekend 
> and gave Lucky a little bit and he went nuts for it. Anyone have any 
> comment regarding whether it is OK for them? 

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