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Janneke Staaks jannekestaaks at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 25 04:21:19 EDT 2006

Hello everybody,
it has been 7-8 weeks since jan has been castrated. And he has been living 
with the girls for a bit more than a week now. On Sunday we discovered a 
lump where Jan's testikel used to be. The vet(s) and me are not sure what is 
going on so i just wanted to post this to see if anyone has any ideas. First 
of all, jan is doing great (besides the lump). he is very happy, he is 
eating better than ever, gaining wheight. playing with the girls, nice shiny 
fur etc.
The lump does not seem to be painful or anything. It's just there.
I went to the vet yesterday(monday) and the vet that is specialised in 
guineapigs wasn't there but jan has a crush on the other vet(and it's mutual 
;-)) and she's very capable as well.She gave us antibiotics (Vibravet 
(doxycycline)) and told us to come back the next morning because her 
colleague would be there then. So we went again this morning and she gave 
him a thorough examination. She doesn't think it's a hernia (bowels that 
have descended through an opening in his peritoneum). And she's not sure 
about an abces. The thing is, it would be easiest to just cut it and see 
what comes out but he has to be anaesthetized to do that (and she doesn't 
like that). But the thing is, he is doing so well and doesn't seem bothered 
by it at all. So now i have to keep on giving him the antibiotics and keep a 
very close eye on him an his lump and if anything changes i have to come 
immediately or if it doesn't i have to come back on friday and we'll see 
from there. The vet also thought it could be because he has been living with 
the girls now and is being so active. You sometimes see this with very 
active castrated dogs, and then it's just some scar tissue.
Ow.. and the lump is quite solid, it feels very similar to what used to be a 
Btw i think i had an 'you know you're a slave when..'-moment yesterday. I 
currently have back problems(sitting for too long is painfull) and normally 
the drive to the vet takes me about half an hour (Although i do have a cat's 
and dogs vet on the corner of my street) But yesterday I got stuck in a 
traffic jam and it took me 2 hours to get there. I could have turned around 
anytime and i heard on the radio when i was standing there for 45 minutes 
that things weren't going to be better any time soon (and it didn't :-S).
Grtz and wkz (and cuddles for all piggies and owners who are not well or 
lost a beloved one recently)
Janneke from the winky girls

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