[Gpdd] MISC: Radar

Lisa Choiniere lmchoiniere at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 25 12:30:32 EDT 2006

Hi Jaime,
  Actually peroxide is not something you should use to clean out wounds regularly because what peroxide actually does is burn up cells, both healthy ones and dead ones. People use peroxide to kill bacteria which is just another kind of cell but the peroxide does not distinguish between bacteria and skin cells and will burn them both. So he is probably itching more because of that. I would use something like Bactine instead. It doesn't sting and doesn't cause any damage to the wound. Betadine also works well although be prepared for an orange hammie. I think this will help some. 
  Have you asked your vet about what a benadryl dose would be for a hammie? I am guessing it would end up being a drop, but he/she should have a reference with dosing information. I don't think giving him benadryl is unreasonable, just make sure you find out the proper dose first.
  Good luck with the little tripod!
  Lisa and the gang at Wheeks and Squeaks

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