[Gpdd] MISC- I need help with Radar

Simon G. Rindy srindy at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 25 15:45:22 EDT 2006

Dear Jaime, 

Have you tried localized bathing of the spot with milk, a natural soother?

Also, witch hazel is more mild than peroxide and ought to clean the wound as

There are organic oatmeal shampoos and soaps available for pets and people.
Perhaps dabbing a drop on the affected area and rinsing well might help with
the itching?

Personally, I wouldn't try the antihistamine with such a little fellow.
Better to fashion an Elizabethan collar--like they use for dogs and cats
after surgery--to keep Radar from nipping at himself.

Are you wrapping the wound with anything, like a gauze bandage? Using a
baby's sock with the toe cut out might work, too. Just make sure it isn't
too tightly woven so the wound can breath and heal.

If the wound is large you might see if a vet could treat Radar with a tiny
bit of surgical glue to close the tear.

Just curious--is Radar scratching his scent gland on his hip or another

Best Wishes for Speedy Healing,

Simon, of the house of:
Riquet of the Tuft, Rumplepigskin, Titánio, and Pignocchio (resting in peace
beyond the Bridge)‹the Boar Beasties
Thalia, Asteria, Sombra, Bianca, and Cajeta (resting in peace beyond the
Bridge)‹Las Mujeres

(And the hamsters three: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.)

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