[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Re:Snacks for Guinea pigs who have bladderstones

Evelyn Baker ebak at ca.inter.net
Tue Apr 25 19:48:07 EDT 2006

The biggest evil doer for bladderstones is alfalfa. Cut all of it out  
of the diet. If you can get your hands on Oxbow's Cavy Cuisine that's  
your best bet for pellets.  If not try and find another guinea pig  
pelleted food that is based on Timothy Hay.

Treats that are high in calcium include: dandelion, parsley, and  
dill. Spinach is also bad for stones because it has oxalic acid which  
can contribute to them.  If you are feeding your guinea pig petgrass,  
find out what it is really (what type of grass) and check the mineral  

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