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Janneke Staaks jannekestaaks at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 09:14:46 EDT 2006

Hi All,
I was just searching for info to help Jan and his lump (my best bet now is 
that it is an abscess) and on my favourite dutch site there was an 
interesting topic about colloidal silver. I don't know if anyone has any 
experiences with this stuff but i'll try to give a good translation.
First of all, they suggest that when a abscess opens, you should flush it. 
You can do this with betadine but the people from this site that have a very 
big guineapig shelter have had very good results flushing with colloidal 
silver. I'm still pondering if i should buy this. So please consider that 
the translation below is a translation and not my personal opinion or 
experience. I just want to share this information with you.
Around 1900 doctors discovered that c. silver is a very good antibiotic but 
since it was expensive to make and due to the rise of the anti-biotics as we 
know them, they sort of forgot about it. Now that many nasty thingies are 
becoming resistant of many antibiotics c. silver gets more attention.(sorry 
for the crappy translation) First of all, silver gets rid of many harmfull 
bacteria but it doesn't harm intestinal bacteria. Silver also does not have 
side-effects. But there is this one effect they call the herxheimer 
reaction. The animal can get very drowsy and slow because the body has to 
work very hard to get rid of all the bacteria and fungi the silver kills.
A nice side effect is that it speeds up bone-growth and it stimulates the 
speed of healing damaged tissues with more than 50%. Apparently they have 
gotten especially good results with burn victims and elderly animals. okay 
the original text is much longer but i think you catch my drift (email me if 
you want to know more).
You can give piggies c. silver twice a day (6 to 8 drops per 10 kg 
bodywheight) (so usally 2 drops twice a day).
Because someone mentioned betadine to help clean Radar's skin, i thought 
maybe this might also be good. Especially since it stimulates damaged skin 
to grow and heal faster. I feel very bad for him though, since healing skin 
is very itchy(and he IS our special hammie honorary member ;-)). So even if 
it might get better, it will become more itchy and maybe worse.
A vet once advised us to spray perfum on lotje when her skin was damaged 
after a mites infection and started to heal and itch. The perfum helped 
really well since lotje and most piggies dislike the taste of perfum. But i 
wouldn't do it when the skin is still damaged (it will hurt!!!). and it 
sounds like something permanent since the poor little guy cannot scratch 
with his paw. And I don't think it's very nice for him to smell like a 
stinky human all day.
(btw the perfum tip helps great for furniture too! My piggies used to chew 
on my television furniture, but now they don't anymore. Except for Jan, he 
is a sweetheart but when he gets something in his little head there's no 
stopping him :-S)
Okay, have to surf the web some more looking for information for Jan. Have 
to prepare to be the best overly-concerned slave i can be tomorrow at the 
vet's ;-).
Janneke from the winky girls

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