[Gpdd] [Health] Frasier update

Brenda bunner77 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 18:43:10 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

First off, I just wanted to thank everyone who emailed me on the digest or
personally regarding Frasier. 
Well, after two weeks of being touch and go, I'm happy to report that he has
made a full recovery (fingers crossed, knock on wood). We got the results
back of his stone and the composition of it was 60% Calcium Carbonate, 25%
Magnesium Carbonate and 15% Calcium Phosphate. The poor little guy, it was
6mm long and a grey bumpy oval stone. 
He's had a rough time with having a tear in his urethra and having to stay
at the hospital for an extra 3 days, losing muscle power in his left hind
leg and limping around due to the shots they had to inject in him, having an
infection where the surgery took place, having to have a cone on his head to
keep from pulling at the sutures, being impacted, having bumblefoot...but
he's made it so far and is almost back to normal and strutting his stuff.
The last suture fell out last night and his cut is almost closed, that was 3
weeks ago today and we're happy to have given him a second chance - I didn't
have the heart to put him down and not try...he's our little man and we love
him very much.

Thanks again everyone. Frasier sends piggie wheeks too :-)
I added one photo to our website of Frasier with his hood on if you want to
take a look. Last page of the photo album section. 

MT, Frasier and Boo

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