[Gpdd] [Care] RE: Jan's Abscess

Lisa B cavylover74 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 28 10:48:14 EDT 2006

  Sounds to me that Jan has an abscess.  After I had my beloved Flint (RIP) neutered, he developed an abscess shortly after.  It was a firm lump that could have resembled a testicle, but wasn't in the right spot.  The vet lanced and drained it and put him on Baytril and gave me Chlorhexidine to flush it out daily.  It healed only after a couple of weeks.
  You should take Jan back to the vet and have them lance and drain, ask for Baytril and Chlorhexidine to flush it out.  If you let it go, it will burst and may spread the bacteria to other parts of his body.
  Good luck and hope Jan has a speedy recovery.
  Lisa and the guinea girls
  Forever in my Heart, Cupcake and Flint

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